Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Budget Update (57 Days to Go)

It took me about a week to finally get around to updating the budget and budget projections. Since we are still trying to run this show under $3,000 it is important that I keep it updated and on track.

This is about what we've spent so far:
$1500 Rent at The Complex
$200 Fringe Fees
$110 Quarter-Page advert
$150 Rent at Fringe Central for our FREE showcase
$10 Website domain name
$25 Business cards
$100 Misc. Meeting expenses
(TOTAL $2,095)

We are committed to:
$200 Valet/Front Person for both weekends
$100 Banner for exterior and Post Cards
(TOTAL $2,395)

According to these rough calculations we have about $600 left to spend. That number doesn't include the potential $200 back from our deposit at The Complex. I know for sure I want to put another $100 or so into marketing, which is our second largest expense after rent now. Costumes, gels, and rehearsal space are definitely on the "short list" of things we need to put money into. As of right now though it looks like we may come under budget.


Unknown said...

I can't fathom spending that much and having to get it back. Kudos to you guys.

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