Saturday, March 27, 2010

Budget Meeting (81 days to go)

Since we have 81 days to go and a read-thru tomorrow, it was time for a budget meeting. At present we've spent or have committed around $1,850. This includes the $1500 for the space, $200 for festival fees, and $150 mostly in marketing and miscellaneous expenses. With a little over a thousand to spend, topics like costuming budgets and buying rehearsal time had to be discussed and resolved. After a productive meeting this is what our (just under) $3,000 production is going to look like:

$1500 (Space Rental)
$200 (Fringe Fees)
$150 (Spent misc and marketing)
$200 (Rehearsal Space - 10 hours)
$150 (Cast Party)
$20 (Gel for the lights)
$200 (Marketing: adverts and lobby cards)
$250 (Costumes)

Although we haven't budgeted the whole $3,000 we also know that if we budget at around $2500 we will end up spending closer to $3,000. Which is what we have done. Something always comes up and maybe we'll find an awesome Pope costume that we can't pass up. Never know what's going to happen, and that always is exciting.


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