Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Money Updates

So now that we've locked down a space for our production at The Complex, I can disclose some of the details. Space rental was the majority of our expense. Currently this is what our outgoing cash flow looks like:

$1,500 : space for 8 nights, rehersal hours, insurance and $200 deposit
$200: Hollywood Fringe Fees
$200: Fees for valet/box office at theater

Right now we're looking at $1,900 and around $2,000 once I factor in some of the food, parking, and meetings we've had. Not too bad. With another $1,000 to spend, we should be fine. This last $1,000 will be marketing and costumes.

Our space is the Flight Theatre which was 49 seats. We should be able to break even at 60% capacity with ticket prices at $15. Details to follow.


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