Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Marketing Strategy

A $500 marketing budget isn't really much. Especially when you consider that $200 of that is going to the Hollywood Fringe as a marketing fee so that the play gets put into the program, etc. So with about $300 left this is how I'm going to approach it.

This is what we're doing currently:
- Facebook Page [Link]
- 140 Days of Valentino, on Twitter [Link]
- Existing Website [Link]
- Fringe Project Page [Link]
- Not Another Guide LA Fringe Guide [Link]
- Word of Mouth

Mostly what we currently have started is an online thing. Which is working fine for now since we are in the preliminary stages of doing this thing. All the things above are free, and there are some other sites we are thinking of connecting on so that we can reach out to a larger LA Theater audience.

This is what's coming up:

- $10 - we decided to pick up a new domain for the play. Luckily in my spare time I do web design so we're just paying for the fees. Really anyone with some computer savvy can put up a site now a days.
- $100 - Postcards: These are cheap and effective and we can pass them out at the fringe and put them in local theaters up until then. Online printing options have 1,000 cards for as cheap as $60, but I'm getting quotes from local shops too.
- $100 - Cast T-Shirts: Once the show is over many productions do shirts, we're going to do them ahead of time so that our cast can wear them and pimp them. We have a cast of 14 and hopefully this will be enough financially.
- $90 - Press Kits: Whatever is left over will go into press kit resources. I'm sorta crafty and hopefully we can do this on the cheap


The website redesign will be ready for the first (fingers crossed) and all the other design stuff will follow. I'm hoping to do this all for under $500. I will keep you posted.


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